A’dora and Hooka Bootz Goes Exploring

16 Dec

Killa Shadez Launch Party/Pre-Party for Fabric Twinz “Fashion Obsession” Fashion Show

Belle KillaKeda, Designer of Killa Shadez

Star Lounge
New York, NY
December 16, 2009

Despite being reminded of KillaShadez Launch Party for weeks, I had not purchased a nice outfit until the day of the event in the afternoon. I strolled to the shopping district of my hometown; Downtown Newark, NJ brought denim skinny jeans, a white silver-studded top, and a pair of Hooka Bootz. What a name…right?! Me being silly, I had to name them something because we were going to explore a new wave of fashion.

The event was held at Star Lounge located under Hotel Chelsea in New York City. The doors were opening at 6:00pm and I didn’t leave New Jersey until 5:45pm to catch the next PATH train to the city. At first thought, Hooka Bootz and I arrived fashionably late, however, we were on time. I was greeted and informed by party promoter Marcelis Lorenzo that the designer and hostess of the evening, KillaKeda, was on her way. As I waited for her arrival, I decided to relax myself with one of Star Lounge’s special drink “A Lil Love” and jammed to the blaring Hip Hop and R&B sounds coming from the 1s and 2s of Brooklyn’s DJ Kaos. A few minutes after my arrival, Keda came strutting through the lounge in her fur-gold studded bolero, mini leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and these fierce black ankle boots decorated with shiny gold chains. But they were no match to my Hooka Bootz (lol).

Kool Kidz in Kool Shadez

Hailing from the Black Fashion Mecca known as Harlem, NY, KillaKeda is known among the social circles in the NY nightlife scene as the chick who rocks the latest fashion with her own twist to trends, (hence the “Killa” in her name). At this special event, she introduced pairs of unique, luxurious, futuristic style of shades. Keda’s group of fashionistas and fine gentlemen rocked her collection beautifully and each of their outfits matched the shades’ personas.

Ice Widow Shadez is for the Hard Rock Belle who is in mourning of regular dull shades and cold towards those that doesn’t have a sense of swag.


Disco Lace Queen Shadez is fit for ultimate party diva who glides through every velvet rope in the exclusive mainstream nightlife.



For a Gentleman that is on top of his game and “THE WORLD IS YOURS”, Optimus Prime Shadez is for you.

Only the Divas of Royalty are allowed to wear Golden Nugget  and Golden Stud Diva.

Why wear these Shadez? The styles are outrageous, crazy, sexy, and cool. At nighttime, many people wear shadez for style. Of course…many people will ask…why wear shades at night? I ask…”Why not stand out?”

Keda will be featuring more of Killashadez January 9, 2010 at “Fashions Obsession 3” a fashion show presented by Fabric Twinz Fashion and Entertainment.

Until Next Time…

I, A’dora (a.k.a. Myssdee) will be back…so will Hooka Bootz…maybe!

Killa Shadez Launch Party/Pre-Party for Fabric Twinz “Fashion Obsession” Fashion Show

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