Confession of an Obsession

9 Jan


Fashions Obsession 3: Decades of  Fashion” Fashion show Presented by The Fabric Twinz

A. Phillip Randolph High School
Harlem, NY
 January 9, 2010

Doors opened at 6:00pm. I was on the A train heading to Harlem, NY and the time on my Blackberry read 6:32pm. The Fabric Twinz “Fashions Obsession 3: Decades of Fashion” runway show was to start at 7:00pm sharp.

I arrived at my destination and was lost in the brick cold winter weather looking for the show’s venue A. Phillip Randolph High School Auditorium. I went to a nearby building and tried getting directions from this male security guard. He was unable to help because he was not from the area. I went back outside at a nearby public school, saw a young lady coming out of a taxicab and a gentlemen getting off the subway looking for the place as well. The man called his friend, who was a participant in the show and learned that we had to go through St. Nicholas Park to arrive at the place. It was one hell of a damn exercise as I felt like Rocky Balboa running up those stairs in the park to get there. Thank God, I left Hooka Bootz home and wore my flat heel Snow Bootz for this journey. Finally, I get to the place all in one piece and waited for the fashion show to start.

The first time I heard of The Fabric Twinz was from a picture posted on the popular social networking site Both from New York, designers Tanise “T. Glamorous” Francis and Erica “Fashion Diva” Moyler, were giving the public a first look into their collection by wearing their creations in NYC nightclubs. Some individuals were critical of them wearing matching outfits which is not the norm these days. While I have criticized the execution of their designs in the beginning, I admired the creativity and the talent that they were producing. While I am not a fan of local fashion shows, my adventure to theirs was worth my time.

This runway event showcased fashion designs and trends from decades 1950s to the Futuristic era (Post 21st Century). There were performances by Rose Noire Models, R&B Singer Venor Yard, Something Untouchable Dance Troupe (see video), Models Inc., and One Entity Couture Models. Unfortunately, I left the show before it ended and missed my homegirl KillaKeda’s segment where she featured her accessories line “Noir Nocturna Accessories featuring Killashadez” (see my previous posting on the Launch Party of this line December 16, 2009).

Congratulations to The Fabric Twinz for producing a great show and I hope to see more of their collections in the near future. Good job to the show hosts KillaKeda and Kid Scoob; D.J. Zeke for keeping the crowd upbeat from the 1s and 2s; designers Nippy Lavern, Thomas Lavone Collection, Suede Square, Bettie Jean, Fire Cry Designs, Gorilla Pimp, Alma Genfi, M! Collection, Deshar Creations, C&A Fashions. Homme for Joe, Khamani Q, Noir Nocturna Accessories featuring Killashadez, DJM by Danae, and Anthony Eastwick; celebrity stylists Felipe G. and Freddy Starr; all the hairstylists and MUAs.

You can view more pictures of The Fabric Twinz collection on their Model Mayhem page (click the picture):

Photo Jacked (Credits): The Sharp Pixel

Here are the links of two show highlights that was recorded by me from my Flip 🙂

Fabric Twinz Collection

Something Untouchable performing at Fashions Obsession 3


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