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3 Feb

Santos Party House Presents Thursdays featuring Jontè Moaning

The Realm: Santos Party House in NYC (Photographer unknown)

I’ve heard many great things about Santos Party House, a nightclub located in Chinatown, NY. Good vibes and atmosphere with beautiful people were amongst those words and the best party nights were on Fridays. During this freezing winter evening, on January 28, 2010, I came to Santos to see the performance of celebrity choreographer Jonté Moaning, along with other underground danceclub artists Cherie Lily, Roxy Cottontail, Narcisster and Bad Brilliance. After confirming my name on the event’s guest list, I completely forgot about the cold outside world stepping through the black velvet curtains and onto the floors of Santos. D.J. Andrew W.K. entertained the crowd by playing a few house, disco, and electro tunes. There were pink and purple led lights that shone throughout the club through the ignited fog machines. This was a real NIGHTCLUB!!! These days, many party animals confuse lounges with a nightclub. One has a small area where you can dance when the latter have a big floor for that purpose only.

As I waited for the show to began, I saw a diverse group of patrons that were very creative with their fashions. One girl had a white headband that had a flower-patterned gun standing on the side of her head.  It sounds weird but it was cute. Another girl had her fingernails painted in yellow with a smiley face decoration. Then, I saw many females with cute huge rings on their fingers. No matter how much I told most of the party goers my love for their outfits and accessories; I was too shy to get a picture of them for the Belles & Gents society pages. After this event, I made vow to do away with shyness and get every piece of beautiful fashions I come across during my adventures to events in New York City. Mark my words (lol)

The first performance of the evening was a performer by the name of Narcissister ( She is considered a modern day vaudeville/burlesque entertainer. Her act was outrageous and brought a one of a kind “unexpected” introduction to the event. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments and I liked her performance.

Get more of Roxy Cottontail at her website

Followed by Narcissister, was underground artist Roxy Cottontail (aka Oxy Cottontail) who sings in a style that has a mixture of rap, punk, disco, house, and reggae. One of her two background dancers, who the audience nicknamed “Kitty”, served the crowd with eclectic and energetic dance moves that included dips, spins, turns, and leg lifts. I couldn’t even take my Flip camcorder (Mr. Flippy) off of her because she was giving and doing it WELL.

Get more of Bad Brilliance at

After Roxy Cottontail, there was another underground club artist named Bad Brilliance who specializes in rap and hyphy music. His performance annoyed me a little due to the fact that he brought the act into the crowd instead on stage at Santos. There was a faux red carpet placed on the dance floor that parted the audience like the Red Sea.  I laughed at how he was hitting the patrons in their head with his signature yellow balloon head. Although it was difficult for me to view due to where I was standing, Bad Brilliance, along with his “pretending” Secret Service agents and background dancers did a good job.

The next performer was Cherie Lily. She invented an underground dance craze called “Houserobics” which is defined on her website ( as “an exciting, new, high-energy, one-of-a-kind solo project blending house, aerobic dance, inspirational lyrics, and electronica”. Before her performance, Cherie walked around in her gold shimmery leotard with matching Reebok high-tops decorated with glow in the dark accessories, greeting her fans and friends. I was very jealous of how shapely her legs looked which motivated me to work extra hard in the gym. After reviewing her website, I was informed that she is a fitness expert here in New York City and the wife of Andrew W.K. In the performance., she sung her self-produced singles “Werk” and “Get Sweaty”.

Unfortunately, the batteries died in Mr. Flippy so I couldn’t  catch her performance so I jacked a video from her Youtube channel (

Man of the hour, Jonte

Finally, the star of the show, Jonté Moaning, was coming to the stage. I was thankful to leave Hooka Bootz home because the heels on those boots would have made me cry as I had to stay put in that one spot in front of the stage to capture good pictures and video of his performance. I made sure to change the batteries in my camcorder and prayed that it didn’t die on me. It was not a surprise to me that Jonté was going to be the last act on the roster. For those who are not familiar, he is a celebrity choreographer that has worked with famous pop icons Janet Jackson and Beyoncé. What can I say about him to give my readers a visual? There are not enough positive adjectives to describe it at all. Along with the others that graced the stage before him, he truly enjoys entertaining the crowd with his in-your-face songs and acrobatic dance moves that can go from effeminate to “YOU GOT SERVED!” Months before I attended this event, I downloaded both Jonté Moaning’s songs “Bitch You Betta” and “Ya! Who?” from Itunes.

The crowd screamed for his arrival as the background singers and dancers for the set walked upon the stage. One of those dancers included Danielle Polanco, whom also been featured in pop icons Omarion, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé’s music videos. In addition, she had a role in the cult classic  dance flick “Step Up 2 the Streets”. She defines my definition of a “real video girl” (you know the 80s and 90s Fly Girls types when if you wanted to be a dancer in these music videos, you had to DANCE…not shake your ass and slide down stripper poles).

Jonté came on the stage, looking fierce as ever, giving the crowd a taste of his voice from the songs and choreography. He kept the crowd on their feet screaming. I was so happy that Mr. Flippy survived to catch every moment of his performance for my readers to see in my blog and YouTube channel “Belles and Gents Tv”.

My adventure to Santos Party House was HELLA WORTH IT. I normally stay away from events that have the 18 to party and 21 to drink crowd, however, I dealt with a very mature group of patrons that came to enjoy the show. While many of them came to see Jonté, they enjoyed the performing acts before him. There was not one dull moment in the show because all artists had the energy to keep the crowd excited.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel “Belles and Gents TV” as I will bring you more fashion and entertainment adventures from my Flip camera aka Mr. Flippy.

Until my next adventure for the society,

I will be sincerely yours,



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  1. Cherie Lily February 3, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    YES! THIS IS AMAZING! GREAT FOOTAGE! It was a magical party!!

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  6. Clachas October 12, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    Great article. Im planning on something similar this summer and this helped with my decision.


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