Everlasting Love

11 Feb

Grammy award winning singer Sade makes a triumphant return to the industry

I am a 80s baby (born in 1981). Throughout my childhood, music was a big activity in the household. I was exposed to every music genre; R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock n Roll, Garage, House, and Broadway Musicals. My mother’s older sister introduced me to the hit musical movies Wizard of Oz, Annie, West Side Story; dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; pop icons Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and The Supremes. She had every album of The Carpenters along with notable R&B singers Stephanie Mills and Teena Marie. My mother’s sister Yvonne had one singer in her album collection that would forever be a cut from the rest in my eyes…Sade.

The first time I heard of Sade was from her “Smooth Operator” video from her first LP “Diamond Life”. I was only three years old when I heard the slow taps of the sticks on the drums followed by bongos and saxophone that gave an introduction to the song where she spoke poetically with soul. Then, Sade sung the sultry lyrics “Diamond Liiife, Lover Boooy” that touched my heart instantly. Of course, I was three years old at that time and did not know what the words “soul” and sultry” meant until I was coming of age. After seeing her video, the  thought of “Smooth Operator”, gave me an image of smoky bars and lounges with folks smoking either Marlboros or Newports, drinking Rum, Brandy, Muscatel or Whiskey with a red spotlight shining behind a singer on the stage giving her aura a glow. That song made me knew that there was something about her that was different from the rest of the music artists.

No matter how many years went by, Sade always stuck to her guns when it came to her music and albums. She is one of the artists that have the uniqueness to not FOLLOW what is hot in the public’s eye. No matter what song was heard, it was guaranteed that you will be put in a mediated state. Today, as my peers and I hear the captains beat the drums in Soldier of Love, it is a sign that Sade has never lost touch with her biggest fans. She had faith. She had trust. That is what makes her an ICON in the music business…a rare breed that is needed today.

You can get more information on Sade’s new album and upcoming tour dates on her website http://www.Sade.com

Here is one of my favorite Sade songs of all time…

Sincerely Yours,



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