Mahogany Belle of the Ball

2 Apr

Praising Legendary Fashion Model Patricia Cleveland

If you were into the fashion industry…you knew Pat Cleveland.
If you wanted to see a model with inviting grace and poised…you look to Pat Cleveland.
If you needed to think of a real high fashion runway diva…you thought of Pat Cleveland.

In the early 90s, when I use to skim through fashion magazines, the only African America models I was familiar with were Iman, Beverly Peele, Veronica Webb, Beverly Johnson, and Naomi Campbell. After the 2000s, when I read about the history of the world famous Ebony Fashion Fair, they mentioned one of the youngest models to ever be featured in the show…Pat Cleveland. From a small paragraph…I became intrigue by Pat’s alluring beauty.

Photo by: Steven Miesel of Vogue Italia (my favorite fashion photographer)

Born in the early 1950s in New York, NY, Patricia Cleveland (“Cleveland” as she is affectionately known in the fashion industry) made her mark in a era where beauty and grace was not taught but came naturally. At the age of 15, she was the youngest runway model in the world famous traveling fashion show “Ebony Fashion Fair” which sparked her modeling career to international success. Cleveland’s decade-long fashion credentials include work with Stephen Burrows, Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, Oscar De La Renta, and the late Halston.

Upon reviewing vintage runway videos via Youtube, Pat’s catwalk showcased a stunning confidence in her magnetic personality. She commanded attention to any and every outfit she modeled for designers. Her walk included tantalizing moves, turns, and dance thus the reason she is considered fiercest runway Queen. Today, she is still called to showcase her charisma and style on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week and celebrity charity fashion shows.

*Video courtesy of Youtube channel “VogueSpirit”*

Photo by Frazer Harrison



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