And The Belles Wore Dresses

23 May

Amazing Upcoming Women designer Launches Her Online Boutique in New York City

The Woman of The Hour...Dominique at her launch party for her online boutique May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010;  Negril’s Village, NY, NY

A Belle must have the right dress. With that dress, she must have the right shoes, jewelry, and a small evening bag (HOBOS are No-Nos).  Hair, Makeup, and Perfume (not Body Sprays) must be in tact. The dress must fit her body form and confidence must soar to the greater heights. If the woman has ALL these elements above, she is the Belle of The Ball. Part of it, she can get applauded for effort. None of the above, she is part of the regulars who get lost in the crowd.  If a woman is wearing a dress with creative fabric designs from DAUxilly, having ALL those attributes that comes along with wearing the right dress is a must.

The Belles in their dresses

Upon  my Twitter timeline, I saw fashion designer Dominique Auxilly of tweeted the details about a launch party for her online boutique at Negril’s Village in New York City on May 19, 2010. Before this event, I have read several blog interviews, reviewed pictures of her collection on her pages at ModelMayhem and Myspace.  My research showed me that she is very popular amongst the New York and Jamaica dancehall crowd where she has made countless garments for female party promoters of the genre.  Musical stars Nicki Minaj and Elektrik Red as well as TV personalities LisaRaye (Player’s Club and One on One) and Rocsi BETs 106 and Park had the opportunity to be styled in clothing from Dauxilly.

A Splash of Color

While I waited for Dominique’s arrival to her launch party, the models came in wearing her new collection and they looked stunning.  The pieces were very well constructed with colorful abstract shapes.  It reminded me of the New York skyscrapers with amazing shaped rooftops.  Dominique walked in Negril’s a few minutes after and the party was getting started. I was able to briefly speak with  her, told her which garments were my faves, and try to catch  videos of the girls modeling the clothes. It was foolish of me trying to in a dimly light venue (lol). At least, I was able to Photo Jacked some pictures courtesy of…lmao. In speaking of the photos, I didn’t know that the dresses were actually see-through garments until I view the pictures however, they were tastefully done.

Dominique is one of those ambitious upcoming fashion designers that has a bright future. Judging from the pics of her work , I have an understanding that she strives to be more creative and stepping outside of the box is  her comfort zone. DAUxilly is for a woman who is very confident, daring, and...must have the right dress.

Here is a short snippet of her runway show back in September 2009  (a video I jacked from Youtube…lol). I hope in the future I can attend her runway shows.

Check out (click on photo) where you can view more Dominique’s collection and contact information. Follow her on Twitter Dauxilly5thave


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