Endorsement: Apparatus II

31 May

The Sophisticated Society of Belles and Gents makes their first endorsement: The event of upcoming high fashion designer

 Emore’J Couture

You want to talk about Reading? Let me start off by saying that I use to 100% hate some of the local fashion shows that took place in my hometown of  Newark, NJ.  Many years ago,  I was an active participant and loved every moment of it. I had no problem going to those runway practices once a week until the day of the show nor selling 10 tickets and paying high registration fees to walk on the runway on the day of the event. Until, I realize that it was all “BULLSHIT” and for the purposes of event producers to put money in their pockets. However, I appreciated how these shows build up my self-confidence and had to deal with the fact that models below 5ft 4in will never make it into mainstream fashion industry despite what those low-budget producers had to say. Throughout the years, I learned from the real experts of the fashion industry in various web forums that to make it in this business you have to be saavy.  Never did I thought that there will be somebody that had the same thoughts about these ghetto fashion shows the way I felt about them. This person was named Emore’J Couture.

One evening, I was bored (the usual) and decided to search for “ghetto fashion shows” on YouTube. Emore’J’s was the first recent video entitled “The Most Ghetto Fashion Show” that came upon the list but this was located in the areas of Baltimore and our illustrious country capital DC. The moment I watched that show, I swear I thought I was at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ where most of these typical ghetto fashion shows use to take place. Like he said in his fashion show reviews “If the show is hot, oh yes, I will say it’s hot…But if it’s a mess, baybeeeeeeeee I’m reading”. If you don’t know what reading is, then you better ask somebody.

Emore’j is showing his disgust for these low-budget shows. It may seem like he is blasting the producers of these shows. He is a fashion designer and specialist that is proactive in trying to grow in this business by showing his peers that not everything has to be cheap and unprofessional. What he is saying in his commentaries about these shows are no different from what the average person is thinking when they pay $20 to see a “high fashion show” when they are only seeing a  glittered graphic t-shirt line with bedazzled jeans. He is not whining and making a bunch of Youtube videos. He is building a collection and producing a fashion show with REAL models, fashion designers, and using resources. Fashion is his life. It’s his baby. That is why The Sophisticated Society of Belles and Gents are making their first endorsement and supporting his  fashion show “Apparatus II” that is on August 1, 2010.

Apparatus: The Rapture of “Nesir Slegna”
Fashion Show: Thearc Theater
1901 Mississippi Ave. S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20019
Rapture Begins: 7pm

Exclusive Footage & Updates

8 Couture Designers
Onsight HIV/AIDS Testing
Live Filming for “Beyond The Runway”
Televised on COMCAST, VERIZON & DC28



3 Responses to “Endorsement: Apparatus II”

  1. Tasha Smith June 1, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    Very Well Written..I have heard so much about him… I hear he is feared in the dmv.. I cant wait to see his show!


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