The Return of The It-Factor

31 May

Rising Star Keyshia Dior changes the ‘Video Girl’ Game with a Magic Touch of Class

Photo Credit: Alain Green of

If Keyshia Dior wore a typical average hair weave, along with a skin tight cheap American Apparel dress, some hookah heels and normal make-up in the “Say Something” video she co-starred with rappers Timbaland and Drake…I wouldn’t be up in the middle of the night typing up this piece. I probably would have overlooked her, shrugged my shoulders, and go back to my usual life. Instead, her acting and style have brought the return of the IT Factor in the Brand New Era of this Century that is needed to be the cream of the crop in this superificial world of the Entertainment Industry. Keyshia Dior is not your average “video model”. She is a PROFESSIONAL “Entreprenuer Extraordinaire”. Upon reading her biography on her website and her interview with fellow Gent Devaughn Douglas,I have reviewed that this young lady is setting and accomplishing her goals to have a  longevity career in this business which others before her have failed to do. 

“In this industry you are constantly judged.  People judge and think what they want to think.  You will never totally get rid of that.  Your image is everything.  When someone doesn’t know you they will judge you on your outside appearance.  This job is important for me and the people I style.  For example, if you put a female singer in something that is very revealing you have just helped to form an opinion about her.  I style people so that they can have control over the image they want to project.” (Keyshia Dior in her interview with Devaughn Douglas. )

Photo Credit: Alain Green of

After reading those words above on her website, I was thinking “where the f*&%” have this chick been”. It was about time that my peers and I have seen a model from a hip hop video put forth and effort a positive image to her branding that didn’t involve blasting sexual conquests with a rap star on Twitter,Youtube, and various blog site. Keyshia Dior is all about building a household name. 2010 is the beginning of a Brand New Era. Long gone are the days of seeing regular chicks with fake breasts, tits, and all other sorts of plastic body parts sliding down stipper poles upon our tv screens. The next wave of models in the Brand NEW ERA don’t have to rock Mohawks, vibrant make-up colors, or etc. to duplicate an entertainment brand like Keyshia Dior. Bring your personality and have some intellectual business sense so you can be the “IT FACTOR”. Do more than “exposing” tits and ass because with video models…every six months it is a new face and new ass. You can and will be forgotten about. Step your game up!!!

Learn more about Keyshia Dior on her website
Follow her on Twitter “KeyshiaDior

Photo Credit: Alain Green of


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