The Society Pages: A Fashion Ball

10 Jun

The Fashion Birthday Bash of Noir Nocturna Accessories Founder KillaKeda


Gates Lounge/Brick Bar& Grill
June 4, 2010

Killakeda at Gates Lounge for Part 1 of her Birthday Bash.

If you are a regular party goer in the New York City Nightlife whether it be Mainstream, Hip Hop, or Dancehall genres…you want to have a night to remember. On June 4, 2010, Killakeda, founder of Killashadez/Noir Nocturna Accessories, celebrated her birthday “Fashion Bash Part 3” at two elegant venues Gates Lounge and Brick Bar & grill located in New York City. Killakeda was my first blog entry when she did a launch party for Killashadez back in December 2009. Being the ULTIMATE QUEEN FASHIONISTA in NYC nightlife, for the past two years she always held a trendy-fashion themed birthday party.  Unfortunately, I missed these first two and reviewed pictures where most of her friends and other patrons came dressed to impress and having a ball. Come hell or high water, Myssdee was not missing the third one  and it exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t just the Nocturna Divas (Killakeda’s Entourage) dressed in sequined bodysuits, delicious birthday cupcakes, and flashing lights from the strobes and cameramen. The fact that I was around a group of people who were comfortable in their own skin with their eclectic personalities and positive attitudes, made this event a very memorable one.

OVAHNESS!!!!!!!!!! The Birthday Girl and Her Fierce Killa Entourage in Killashadez

Keda imitating her favorite musical icon, The Late Great Michael Jackson

Killakeda kicked off her birthday celebration at the first venue, Gates Lounge on 8th avenue in New York City. Since March of this year, Gates have “Social Networking Fridays Afterwork” hosted by Tim Grae (Grae Enterprises) and Mike Mogul ( Patrons, coming from a long hard day of work, attend this party to relax at this venue while enjoying the scrumptious tapas menus , tasty drinks, and great music from DJ Triple X. In this usually calm but exciting atmosphere that usually takes place every Friday, Killakeda and her entourage sparked up the place, dancing on the mirrors, couches, and tables. The Nocturna Divas and Divos looked very lovely in their coordinated outfits accessorize with Killashadez. This was not one of these groups that were wallflowers at a party trying to show off with a bottle of champagne in their hands, jumping on couches, and throwing money in the air. These were frequent party goers that knew that being at a party is about dancing, having a great time, and not worrying about a damn thing in the outside world. That was my kind of group.

The Notorious Jasmin of

Mimi Fierce of

Mike Mogul of & Killakeda

Killakeda at Part 2 of her B'Day Bash at Brick

After Killakeda and the Nocturna Divas/Divos left the Gates to prepare to going to the next birthday venue, the atmosphere slowed down at The Gates. It was like a tornado came and swept them all away (lol). The next stop for the birthday bash was at Brick located in Downtown Manhattan. Before Killakeda and her entourage came through, the tv screens showed picture slides of the birthday girl and her close friends. Moments after, Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon were shown where my friends and I was imitating the scenes from the movie as we awaited for Killakeda’s arrival to Brick. Finally, she came through with her crew looking amazing in their second outfits. We all danced, did our little Runway walks, and drink the night away. I sweated all my perm out (lol) due to all the dancing and goofing around. Unfortunately, Killakeda has decided that this will be her last Fashion Bash (so she says) and I am glad I had the opportunity to party with great people. Killakeda, I know you had a great time and once again…Happy Birthday.

The Killa Crew at Brick
Killakeda with fashion designers The Fabric Twinz
Killakeda with designer Didja Emigee
Fashion in its rare unique form

Me with the Birthday Girl
To Be Continued???

Check out more of the pictures of this fabulous birthday party at:

The Sophisticated Society of Belles and Gents will now entitled event reviews The Society Pages that will give you the inside look at spectacular and trendy events.  Images courtesy of



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  1. KILLAKEDA June 11, 2010 at 2:42 pm #



  2. Tim Grae June 13, 2010 at 1:56 am #

    I have to say the article was well written and covered the festivities of the night in a very detailed order. I appreciate good writing and accurate reporting, this is rated G for GRAET

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