Power Tripping: Happy Father’s Day…For Real

21 Jun

Giving Praise on the day that’s often Under-Appreciated

I said Happy Father’s Day on my Twitter and Facebook. My Tweets consisted of me defining and ranting on what is a real father. However, I can speak on the subject matter because there was a father in my life. No matter what problems that were going on in my family…he was there for me and my sister. There are male relatives in my family who love their children. dearly but they can put much more effort into being great dads. At my first job, I was talking to one of the male co-workers in the office and I never forgot how he explained to me that he does everything he can to be good to his daughter so that she can meet a man that will treat her with respect and dignity. I can clearly understand his method but I will never comprehend a father’s duty to his son because its very different with boys. I have firsthand knowledge of what it is like for a young man not to grow up with his father seeing it through my male friends and relatives. A single mother does not have BOTH job as a mother and father…her duties are double times the load (no disrespect intended). This day is for The Real Fathers and here are my thoughts:

A real father will make sure his baby has the necessities by making sure there is a OVERSTOCK of Pampers and Formulas. Some single fathers don’t live with the mothers, instead they rely on her word that she is running out of what the baby needs. You have those dudes that will take their sweet time bringing the products and/or cash. Then you have those that just give the cash. I give credit to the men who go above and beyond for their babies.

I have more love to fathers who take their child(ren) to the park and/or just play outside. On occasion, if their pockets are not burnt, take them to McDonald’s or the movies. The time spent a father spent with a child is priceless.

I admire fathers that take pride in the education their child(ren) is receiving. That includes going to Parent and Teacher Nights, checking their progress reports, and helping with homework if necessary.

I adore the fathers who support the extracurricular activties of their child(ren) by going to every sports game, play, or recital. A child’s face is brighten the moment they see both parents cheering them on at their best or worst (lol).

A real father is a real man who does not argue nor disrespect the mother in front of the children. We all know how the scenarios of angry mothers can play out and sometimes things can get out of hand. The child(ren) matters the most and that needs to be kept in mind.

I won’t waste all of my writing on Deadbeat dads. Some of them don’t even have the right to be called a father or dad. It makes me sick to see the deadbeats trying to get praise on this day. It is more stomach turning when mothers accept the last $20 he has for diapers, the Coach Diaper bag and latest Jordans and in the end…gives them the title “Good Father”. Babies make a lot of diapers before they get potty train so $20 is bs. Luxury diaper bags and name brand clothes in the child(ren) does not pay for food, shelter, and doctor bills. Please step your life up.

Happy Father’s Day To The REAL Fathers…who does everything legit and necessary to give their child(ren) the best things in life…love, happiness, and prosperity.

Rest In Peace To My Father James Letterlough January 19, 1960 – March 14, 2008


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