Introducing Belle of The Ball and Gentleman Esquire

12 Jul


Douglas Says (r; with Fashion Godmother Audrey Smaltz (

   On Facebook, I befriended Douglas Says who is a legendary fashion designer in New Jersey. He has been designing women’s clothes for over 30 years and has an impressive portfolio. I attended his fashion show that was held at Newark Public Library back in December 2008 (where I should have begun The Society then) and it was beautiful. Hopefully, I will get to do a feature him for The B&G Society in the near future because I truly enjoyed his last fashion show. On his Facebook profile, he has a large collection of vintage fashion photographs of black models, fashion designers, and photographers from the 70s to the 90s. I was intrigued by these photographs because during those times, black models were everywhere in the magazines, runway shows, ad campaigns, and commercials (something that is rarely seen and debated on today).      


Beverly Johnson, Vogue's cover girl, circa 1974

 During that era, you knew a model when you seen one. Models were elegant, glamorous, and poised. They had to have personality and be lively. Local models in my hometown of Newark, NJ were featured in small ad campaigns and rocked the runways in the fashion shows that made them household names. They were highly praised and had a sense of fashion. Nowadays, the local modeling circuit has become oversaturated with looks of “video vixens” and “homoeroticism”. Please don’t get mad at me using these terms because the proof is in a lot of portfolios on      

I am introducing Belle of The Ball and Gentleman Esquire to showcase beautiful female and male models of all ethnicities…who are either signed or modeling as a hobby. I want to start my collection of beautiful photos from designers, models, make-up artists, and photographers in my era so I can share amongst my peers in 20 years. I have to give all thanks to Douglas Says for inspiring me to do this project.


2 Responses to “Introducing Belle of The Ball and Gentleman Esquire”

  1. Douglas Says... July 12, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    Wow…thank you for the kind words and congrats on your newest baby, water & nurture it properly and we’ll watch it grow! Here’s to twenty years down the road…ds


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    […] I got a photo oppportunity with the man who is making me start a fashion library for my generation (read more on this subject here). On my way to the stage, I got a little annoyed for the simple fact I could not get through the […]

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