Lens Talent: A Portrait of Love

14 Jul

Beauty and Fashion Photographer Tarrice Love Lives Up To His Name

Photographer Tarrice Love; Photo Credit: Tarrice Love; http://www.ice-itsocool.com/

  I have been a fan of Tarrice Love’s photography of models for a over a year. I couldn’t help but do this blog feature for The B&G Society. The images from his lens took my breath away. The models along with the styling and concepts were striking. The perfectly shaped muscles on the males in the photographs will make a Belle’s heartbeat so fast and out of control. The alluring eyes from the eccentric female models will make a grown man cry and put her up highly on a pedastal. Tarrice has no shame in letting the public know that all models that step into the realms of his studio have flaws and has the  skills to turn them into perfections.  Almost every model he has shot, is signed to a major agencies in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Germany, featured in luxury ad campagins and on the runways of New York Fashion Week. His portfolio has models from all ethnicities captured in a enchanted light that will leave you speechless upon revewing.          


    (l. Dorian Standberry BET’s College Hill; r. Marvita Washington America’s Net Top Model Cycle 10)     


(l. Sandhurst Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel Season 2; r. Emarie, Lifetime’s Project Runway Season 7)     


 The icon is Love. Here is Taimak from cult classic Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. Damn, Taimak is still sexy 🙂    

 I am so in LOVE     




Official Website    


His Blog    



Lens Talent profiles talented photographers that specialize in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment.


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