Lens Talent: Jumpin, Jammin, Fresh

17 Jul

Neef Fresh shows the art of making beauty and fashion images POP out

The So-Fresh Photographer Neef Fresh

When I took a look at the images in Neef Fresh’s Modelmayhem.com profile, a children’s pop-out book came to mind. All the images whether they were in color or black-n-white jumped out of my computer screen. I loved the way the lighting and colors were used in the photos. The concepts were very electic. Neef Fresh is a freelance photographer from Brooklyn, NY and what amazes me about her is that she is a self-taught photographer. Its always the self-taught artists who are on top of their A-game beauty and fashion industry. As she says in her short bio on ModelMayhem, she strives to make beautiful art with her photograpy by carefully choosing a concept and connect it with a sense of style. As I said before in my earlier blog post, being creative and boring DO NOT MIX. As you view each image photographed from the lens of Neef Fresh, you will understand that BORING is not a part of her vocabulary.



Check out more of Neef Fresh at:




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