Dissenting Opinion: Willow Smith

18 Jul

Willow Smith, On Style Trial, For  A Crime of Uniqueness

Hahahahahahahaha! How funny that the “psuedo-minded” society puts a celebrity’s nine-year-old daughter on Style Jury because her appearance does not conform to the normal “sugar and spice” pigtails with decorative hairbows. In my society, Willow Smith, the daughter of entertainment power couple Jada and Will Smith, gets my full approval and praise for being different. This is not about the physical appearance of her eclectic garments or shaved hair, that has become very trendy in the year 2010. I look behind through the physical appearance and see an articulate, assertive, and confident young woman who knows what she wants in life. She doesn’t mind being different and is ok with being  comfortable in her own skin. In my humble opinion, Jada and Will Smith have wonderful children. I can give two sugar-honey-ice-teas about their alleged open-marriage. To put a 9 year old on trial because she wears clothes that is not “normal” for the outside world to see on a celebrity kid on the red carpet is kind of unfair. The society is entitled to their opinion. I find Willow Smith and her style NOT GUILTY.

Images source: Wireimage/Black Celebrity Kids


One Response to “Dissenting Opinion: Willow Smith”

  1. Mimi Loubeau July 20, 2010 at 4:31 am #

    I applaud Willows rebellion.

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