Belle of The Ball: Alexius Diana

23 Jul

The radiant Ms. Alexius Diana

 “As a model, I cannot live without serenity.  When I am at peace within myself I am able to allow my inner beauty to shine through.  A captivating model radiates beauty albeit the makeup, hair, and wardrobe, its her that truly shines.” – Alexius Diana    

 I was so happy and thrilled to finally find a local working fashion black model that I can represent in my next Belle of The Ball. It was a frustrating search because all I kept coming across was “Eye-Candy” types. Let me reiterate that I have no problem with Glamour models, its just a bit oversaturated. I found Ms. Alexius Diana on and immediately told her that I wanted her in this feature.  I was intrigued by her alluring photos in her profile and learned that she has strutted the runways…the most recent being Africa Fashion Week in New York City, NY that took place on July 12-18, 2010.  With her impeccable resume, I see Alexius making major moves in this industry and becoming a major household name in this business.    


Alexius Diana for Fashion Africana

Alexius walking the runway wearing Tunisian Designer Fares Cherait at Africa Fashion Week 2010.

  I asked Alexius, which designer she is dying to walk for and she simply stated, “I’m not dying to walk for anyone Darling.  I am a couture girl at heart.  I love the elegance of well constructed, creatively crafted clothing.  I LIVE to walk for Lagerfield.  The first I appeared with the moniker model preceding my name, he was featured on the same page walking with Karmen Kass.  Nothing happens without a reason so I feel that was God’s way of showing me what I could attain.  I haven’t stopped strutting towards that fate yet!”   



Cover Girl for Pittsburgh Metropolitan


Photo Credit: Victoria Janashvili

  “My style is uncomplicated chic.  I am a green activist so I mostly wear pre-loved one of a kind clothing.  I like to pair these treasures with items that I’ve acquired in my travels that are meaningful to me.  Preparing for my day the most pressing fashion issue is will I be warm enough?  Then I grab a pashmina and go.” -Alexius Diana 





 Check out more of Alexius Diana:


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