Beautiful People

2 Aug

House Music lives at the 5th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, New Jersey

House Music is NOT what those Jersey Shore kids are listening too while beating the air and floors with their fist to those beats. It will never come close…no matter how loud they play that music.  For those who live in Chicago (where the genre was born), New York City, and Newark, if you have parents, aunts, uncles, or cousins who were party animals and of legal drinking age back in the late 70s and 80s, ask them about The Warehouse, The Loft, Paradise Garage, and Club Zanzibar…then you will get the real history of house music. Furthermore, if you do your internet research, you will find former patrons of these clubs telling their fond memories of going to these clubs, partying all Saturday night until the sun came up on Sunday morning, and still made it to church for the early morning services. Individuals went to these clubs to be themselves no matter what race or sexual orientation, dance their worries away, and enjoy life to the music blaring from the spectacular DJs Frankie Knuckles, late Larry Levan, and Larry Patterson. House music was more than a genre. It is soulful and spiritual. With the right music sound system, music lovers will feel it in their feet from the bouncing dance floor. Even though Lincoln Park runs the music festival for 3 days (Gospel &Jazz on Friday; Hip Hop on Sunday), I love going when its House Music. Yesterday, on July 31, 2010, I saw nothing but beautiful and eclectic people, mostly former patrons of New York’s Paradise Garage and Newark’s Club Zanzibar, reliving the memories they cherished dancing in the  beautiful breezy summer weather.   


Crowd enjoys the house music at 2010 Lincoln Park Music Festial 7/31/2010

  Since 2005, Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District provided this event  in celebration of the spirit of community ( I got my first experience in July 2008 and made sure I never missed a year aftertwards. Last year, I, as well as others, were disappointed when in the beginning of the House celebration, there were more talking on stage than music being played. It not only upset the audience but the DJS as it was cutting into their limited sets. Even though, Joseph Jackson, the father of the Late Great King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made an appearance, it did not make matters any better in my opinion. Based on assumption, these complaints were brought to the attention of the event cooordinators and this year, the music was played without interruption. This year, the celebration was a dedication to former Club Zanizbar manager Shelton Hayes who passed away on June 20, 2010 and hosted by Miss Teresa Randolph ( and Eddie Nicholas ( My cousin and I arrived at the event with our patio chairs and minature cooler in tow. We learned our lesson attending last year’s event when we did not bring those items and had to suffer standing and walking in that heat.  As we looked for a spot to sit and enjoy the festival, we ran into an old friend from middle school…which is one of the greatest happenings at this event…running into people you haven’t  seen in a long time…like minature reunion (lol). My cousin and I found an area near her co-worker to enjoy the atmosphere. After relaxing for a good half hour, she and I decided to make our rounds meeting people as well as getting snacks.   

Hosts Ms. Theresa Randolph ( & Eddie Nicholas (

Me with the legendary Douglas Says at Lincoln Park Music Festival July 31, 2010

The next person we met was DJ Omar Abdallah. My cousin knew him from the gym and was not aware he was a DJ as well. In fact, he was playing on stage when we first arrived on the scene. The next day, I found out that one of my high school classmates were playing on the congos during his set when I saw the pictures on Then I asked my cousin to accompany me to the stage as I wanted to capture some videos of Gospel/House artist Kenny Bobien who was set to perform. In doing so, I ran into my good friend designer Douglas Says. Good thing I brought my camera with me, because I got a photo oppportunity with the man who is making me start a fashion library for my generation (read more on this subject here). On my way to the stage, I got a little annoyed for the simple fact I could not get through the crowd who was just coming through, trying to find areas to sit and enjoy the show. Me and my cousin went back to our area and I awaited until Kenny came on the stage to try to get video. I was able to capture snippets of his performance on my Flip camera successully even though I could have gotten a better view.



Next, I stayed relaxing in my area until 70s disco diva Loleatta Holloway perform her classical R&B hits “Love Sensation” and “Hit and Run”. I knew that if I was going to get good video of this, I had to get a good spot near the stage. I was able to move swiftly through the crowd and secured a spot near the right of the to get a good view. Thank goodness there were polite audience members that made sure I was able to see the performance. First, Ms. Theresa ( inroduced Ms. Halloway, who came out below the stage belting out her strong vocal chords making the crowd that consisted of her longtime fans go crazy. She went upon the stage and sung “Relight My Fire” where at one point, confetti sprayed amongst the crowds as she hit a high note. Then she preached on how no matter what she went through in her life, she is standing and loves New York City, but Newark, NJ was the closest thing to home. She went on to sing her hits “Run Away” inviting club dancers upon the stage to be near the legend and “Love Sensation” still sounding the same as it did over 30 years ago.      


Joe Claussell makes the crowd march to his beat at Lincoln Park Music Festival 7/31/2010

After Loleatta Holloway’s performance, the energy continued with famed house DJ Joe Claussell, coming upon the stage to do what he does best with the turntables, bringing the bass and treble sounds in and out from the system, making the crowd jump and dance harder than ever. I went back to my area and enjoyed his set until the streetlights came on and it was time to go home. Out of the three times I came to the House Celebration at Lincoln Park, this was the most fun and I can’t wait to see what they will have in store for next year. Hopefully, I will have new cameras by then because as you can see from my videos, it’s kind of hard to hold the Flip camera steady when trying to capture videos and take more photographic images instead of having to photo-jack other websites (lol). Maybe I will be apart of press….a girl can dream right…:)


Photo Credits Goes to:

Muema of


Special Praises to

Ms. Theresa Randolph and Mr. Eddie Nicholas for hosting the event

Kenny Bobien

Dawn Tallman

Koffee the Storyteller

To DJs:

Joe Claussell

Omar Abdallah


Danny Krivit




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  1. dj rodney March 24, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    RIP Ms. Loletta Holloway

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