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4 Aug

AFRO-Punk Artist Sandflower Sings The Body Electric

Sandflower Power Photo Credit: Neef Fresh Photography

Music is in her blood and key of  life. From Brownsville, Brooklyn, Sandflower Dyson is the daughter of D.K. Dyson, member of Black Rock Coalition ( and former member of funk metal band Living Colour. She plays the keyboards and writes her own material. She lives the definition of an artist who is creative and free spirited. During my insominiac moments, I was on my Facebook checking out new pictures done by photographer Neef Fresh (Lens Talent 7.17.10) and Sandflower was featured in her album. After hearing she was an artist, I went to her fan page and was blown away by her three featured singles “Overload”, “Leave”, and “Good Karma” (my fave amongst the others). As I did research on her artistry, I kept repeating “Good Karma” on my computer. It’s the type of song to make you jump out of your seat and to the beat of the guitar and bass drums. The song has the pop and rock appeal that can be played in nightclubs and blasted on the speakers with the top down of a convertible. In the near future, I hope to see Sandflower perform her songs in person because this chick right here…has raw talent.

Check out all of Sandflower’s singles on her Myspace Music Playlist:

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Check out Sandflower's Newest Single "Overload"


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