The Artist Has Spoken

7 Aug

Singer and Songwriter Steph Jones Needs To Be Televised

The Gentleman Beyond The Music....Steph Jones

Steph Jones does more than promote his music. Go to his Youtube page and you will see how articulate and intelligent he is when speaking on body image issues, particularly for the African American women. He gives you an interpretation of every song he writes on his own. You will see his passion for music and how he wants to touch alot of people with his voice. I heard of him through a blog site that featured his video on Dark Skinned Women and I ended up stumbling upon his official website ( where he has all of his music on display. I was blown away by all of his tracks, specific ones being “B E A Utiful”, “Mr. Ordinary”, and “Shooting Star” that I play on full blast.

Steph Jones new album "Gravity"

From Missouri City, Texas, Steph Jones was a former Def Jam artist signed through hip hop artist Ludacris’s label Distrubing Tha Peace. I first heard of him when he appeared on Season 3 of BET’s Baldwin Hills and performed his song “Deelishis”.He is the younger brother of comedian De-ray Davis (Barbershop and Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out). After reviewing the current tracks on his website, his music is very uplifitng, upbeat, and enjoyable. All of the tracks featured on his official website are available for download with no cost. I will encourage my peers who are into real r&b and soul music with a pop appeal  to definitely follow this young man’s career because he is destined to be on top.


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