The Society Pages: The Reincarnation Of High Fashion

11 Aug

D.C. Fashion Designer Emore’J Couture Presents a wow factor at his Fashion Show Appratus II: The Rapture of Nesir Slegna

The Genius shows his DC neighbors the art of Haute Couture the finale Photo Credit: Rob Morton

I don’t write event reviews if I was not in attendance. However, I could not resist writing about D.C.’s own Emore’J Couture’s fashion show Apparatus II: The Rapture of Nesir Slegna held on August 1, 2010 (5.31.10). His Facebook profile was overwhelmed with comments from people who were privileged to see greatness in person. Many people said they cried at his finale showcasing his garments. I seen the pictures of this much talked about Finale and I was speechless. This was the first time I can tell from pictures that this was indeed a spectacular event and was very disappointed that I was not able to travel from New Jersey to experience this greatness. Lucky for me, there were Youtube videos and was astonished. Emore’J Couture’s Finale was a heartfelt and beautiful tribute to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, whom I am sure is proud in spirit. Emore’j’s collection had the look of futuristic angels coming to take away the gloominess of a dull fashion society. The concept and garments mattered the most to the audience. It drawn them into the fantasy world. It had to be the greatest experience they have felt in a DMV area fashion show. We all have laughed at Emore’J Couture’s commentary on “hot ghetto mess fashion shows”. People were very critical of his exposing of those events. I can say from the pictures and videos, that Emore’j can do the talking and walking. Here are some pictures photographed by Rob Morton and Youtube videos from channels PDBGroupVenture and Video Hair Magazine. 









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