Belle of The Ball: Stephanie Nolan

13 Aug

Stephanie Nolan
Crofton, Maryland
Dress: 4
Shoe: 9
Modelmayhem Profile

“A true fashion model should NEVER be a diva, no matter how successful she has been in the industry. Having a great disposition in the industry, makes everything run smoothly when working with clients, agents and the team you are collaborating with. And also, a fashion model should NEVER be late for any type of event, audition, shoot, ect.! Bad for business!” – Stephanie Nolan 

For Today’s Belle of The Ball, I decided to choose Stephanie Nolan of Crofton, Maryland. I reviewed her ModelMayhem and Facebook page. She is well-known in the in the DC and Maryland area fashion scene. Singer Missy Elliott handpicked Stephanie to represent Adidas Brand Respect M.E. clothing in 2008 and 2009 as well as having a small part in the Adidas “60th anniversary” commercial. She recently did a runway show for D.C. designer Emore’J Couture Apparatus II. I think with the right direction, Stephanie will have longevity in her modeling career. It’s hard to believe that this ebony beauty had a baby girl four months ago and is blessed to returned to her modelesque shape. As with all females being featured in the “Belle of The Ball” posts, the society will keep you up to date on Stephanie’s rising success in this industry. Check out her photos and see why this Southern Belle was rightfully chosen. 


“Being on the runway gives me an adrenaline rush! As a clothes hanger (lol) it is YOUR job to appropiately present the designers creation, without ANY mistakes! It can make or break your career!” 

Stephanie walks in D.C. Designer Emore'J Couture's fashion show Apparatus II 8/1/2010 Photo Credit: Rob Morton

“The first thing that comes to mind when staring down the lens is to satisfy the client and the photographer; so that the shoot session is a success and a win-win for all involved within the project. As a model, I want to ensure them that they have chosen the right canvas to represent their vision.”


Stephanie Nolan in the ad campaign for Missy Elliott's Adidas Respect M.E. Ad Campaign






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