Urban Outfitters

13 Aug

Marquel Fashions is Urban Couture for The New Era

While researching some new fashion designers, my favorite photographer Neef Fresh referred me to her good friend Anthony “Marquel” Williamson of Marquel Fashions, who is based in Los Angeles, California. Before I started B&G Society, I often complained about how new designers specializing in urban fashion had no concept or creativity. There was no story being told in their collections and I was quite bored.  With Marquel’s 1823 line, that was shot by the talented Neef Fresh, it was very trendy and chic. Him and I had a friendly debate about how this line is a fit for the urban youths, in the age 18-25 bracket. This particular collection is preppy and unique. The editorial photographs gives you a sense that there are a bunch of cool funky social misfits at an urban prep institution that are against all odds.  What is  learned from Marquel is that he is couture at heart and its evident from his hand-crafted clothing. He wants his clientele to have more than a T-shirt with a cool screen-printed logo. He strives to make different pieces for everyone despite the fact it may slow down the process of sending it to the mass audience. I am proud to be exposed to authentic urban couture apparel because it has been a long time coming and for this new era, I can see Marquel 1823 making its way to the Midwest and East Coast. His official website is coming soon. You can follow him on Twitter at (twitter.com/marquel1823). Photo Credits: Neef Fresh. 







Extraordinary Urban Couture Designer, Marquel, follow him on Twitter.com/marquel1823



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