Fantasy Island

12 Sep

Celebrity Shades Designer Stevie Boi Takes Us on a Journey Through The Woods


The Shades Wizard...Mr. Stevie Boi. Striped Jumpsuit designed by The Fabric Twinz

During the year of 2010, The Society have seen plenty of “blinged out” “spiked” and other outrageously designed shades. Stevie Boi (SBShades) is an immaculate shades designer whose concepts are well-thought and mesmerizing.  On September 11, 2010 at La Vie Bar in Lower East Side Manhattan Stevie Boi Shades unveiled his “The Woods” collection during New York Fashion Week. According to the press release “This collection was inspired by a fantasy moment between photographer Michael Antonio and Stevie Boi. They were envisioning fairy tales but wanted to put them in a different atmosphere, something extraordinary with a little mystical influence and charm. So choosing the woods was the good way to represent this “magic.” Famed fairytale characters Goldielocks, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Hansel and Gretel all look into their bright futures with the help of creative genius Stevie Boi. The collection is available for purchase on      

Stevie Boi with his models relaxing in "The Woods". Photo Credit:


The Fairytales: Goldie, Red Hiding Hood, Rapunzel, Gretel, and Dark Prince...all shades are available for purchase at Costumes designed by The Piper Twins

   Here is the video I recorded from my Flip camera at Stevie Boi’s Presentation “The Woods” during New York Fashion Week. Unfortunately, I was on the other side of the velvet rope and was only able to capture some of the highlights of the show. Remember, the Flip is not a “State of The Art” Equipment so please excused the shaking (lol) .  


    Another highlight of the night was meeting photographer Al Rodriguez. I chosen Mr. Rodriguez to be featured in my Lens Talent post (8.10.10). I was a little too shy to greet him but got the courage to introduced myself and meet his beautiful wife Eve who is a Makeup-artist and model (        

Me with Model/Make-up Artist Eve and her husband Photographer Michael Rodriguez (Lens Talent 8.10.10)

Mr. Rodriguez did a recent photoshoot with Stevie Boi and Eve co-starring as the model    


Overall, it was a great fashion week presentation. It was my first experience within New York Fashion Week. The more I work hard on this blog, hopefully I can be apart of the press (which requires a better camera for myself…lmao). It was great vibes. Alot of the patrons’ fashion was on point.   

Credits For This Amazing Stevie Boi “The Woods” Collection Presentation goes to:   

Publicist Quay   

Manager Felipe G.   

Designers The Piper Twins (costumes and Accessories)

Readers can review more photos via





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