Head Of The Class

28 Sep

Menswear Style Bloggers Street Etiquette Give a Fashion Lesson on The Black Ivy

The Black Ivy...www.streetetiquette.com; Photo credit: Fred Egan of UnabashedlyPrep.com

 I am in love with the style blog Street Etiquette by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. With every posting, I see a nature of elegance through their words and photo shoots. These two gentlemen from Bronx, NY, knows how to combine vintage  American classic style into modern times with streetwear and give their readers a glimpse into the history of urban prep wear by providing historic  fashion photographs as early as 1920s. They recently did a photoshoot dedicated to the first historically black colleges and universities of the high African-American elite that included Morehouse, Spellman, and Howard. The pictures drawn you into a journey to the past when these black educational institutionals of higher learning were breeding doctors, lawyers, nurses, and teachers who made a difference in the community as well as making history. The photography done by Fred Egan of Unbashedlyprep.com had me walking the grounds where my beautiful black brothers and sisters strive towards high achievement despite the obstacles such as The Great Depression and Jim Crow Laws thus paving the way for the next generation to work hard to achieve their dreams of becoming something successful.

Street Etiquette provided a behind the scenes video with a beauitful spoken word by artist Joekenneth Museau


Click Here to Read More of This Magnificent Posting. Class is in Session.


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