Happy One Year Anniversary

16 Dec

The Sophisticated Society of Belles and Gents Celebrates One Year Anniversary

It seems like yesterday when I started this blog December 16, 2009 when I coveerd my fashionista friend Killakeda’s launching of her accessories line Noir Nocturna in New York City. During the first year run, The B&G Society had its share of “trial and error”. I knew I wanted this blog to cover fashion and entertainment but be original. I did not want to become another celebrity-based blogger because there is enough of those in the blogsphere. I struggled with who and what I was going to write about to share with my internet friends on Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, I had chronic writer’s block  but was able to overcome it later on throughout the year.

My main goal was to provide a media outlet for those up and coming in the fashion and entertainment industry. I wanted to cover fashion designers during their humble beginnings. I wanted to share amazing beauty and fashion images from talented photographers who are climbing the ladder of success. I wanted to listen to the sweet and hardcore sounds from musicians who are making great tunes through their Youtube videos.

I met alot of great people from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Modelmayhem, and other blogs. I was able to attend fashion events where I can see the great garments sewn by these new designers. I experienced my first taste of New York Fashion Week. I got to see my favorite dancer performed at Santos Party House. People were loving my event reviews. After connecting with experienced bloggers, I gained the understanding that running a blog is alot of work and there is competition. This learning process helped me prepare a buzz for The B&G Society in the years to come.

In 2011, I hope to come across alot of great people, places, and things (lol) and share them with my peers. There are plans to bring a new layout for The B&G Society as well as sharing behind the scenes adventures on my Tumblr “A’dora Goes Exploring”. My readers will get to see more new designers that are making their way into the the fashion industry; more images from talented beauty and fashion photographers; great event reviews from trendy parties in NYC (maybe other locations); and more other forms of entertainment.

This blog with not be completed without giving special thanks for those who have inspired me throughout the year of 2010.

Thank you to my mother who have helped me maintain my blog.

Dancehall Diva Peach of www.badh.biz (inspired me to start writing again)
Kitty Bradshaw of www.kittybradshaw.com (Twitter blog workshops have been a great help)
Claire of www.thefashionbomb.com (inspired me to start my fashion and entertainment blog)
Jasmine Rodriguez of www.vintagevandalizm.com (the master of the Vintage universe)

Fashion Designers
Killakeda of Noir Nocturna
Tanise Francis of The Fabric Twinz
Dominique Auxilly of Dauxilly
Douglas Says
Rain King of Kissed by Rain
Emore’J Couture
Stevie Boi of SB Shades

Fashion Models (Belle of The Ball & Exqusite Gentleman features)
Alexius Diana
Stephanie Nolan
Derrick Smith

Lens Talent
Tarrice Love
Neef Fresh
Al Rodriguez

Steph Jones
Jonte Moaning
Cherie Lily
1st Lady Angelica Jordan

I hope there will be more special thanks for December 16, 2011. Happy Holidays everyone.


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