Silver Screen: “Mooz-Lum”

15 Feb

On February 12, 2011, after reviewing its trailer on, I decided to check out the independent film “Mooz-lum” (directed by Qasim Basir). Due to the fact it played in limited theaters, the closest cinema I went to was the AMC Theaters in Times Square, New York. Because the elevator wanted to take its sweet little time to come down, I had to get some involuntary exercise climbing up the escalator to get to fourth floor where the movie was being played (lol).

Mooz-lum Director Qasim Basir

I have to say that I was very impressed with the film, its cast and plot. Bashir gives you in a dramatized in-depth look of a young man of Muslim/Islam faith struggling to come to terms with who he is within his religion. The film shows intense situations of Islam traditions, bigotry and discrimination in the Post-9/11 era. Aside from the mushy parts, the plot did give the viewers some insight on the journey of a Muslim. When it came to the issue of ignorance about this faith, it showed that did exist in not one but other races as well.

Evan Ross did exceptionally well in his starring role as Tareq Mahdi. I can look past the fact that Evan is the son of Diana Ross who is the Diva of all Divas. When he plays his roles, it’s not cheesy or slapstick. I can see him getting very far in the acting game. Nia Long played a great mother and strong woman role. This was my first time seeing her played a mothering role. She has come a long way since the “Boyz in the Hood” days. Well actually, since the Bell Biv Devoe “Do Me” days when she was a video girl…lmao. Other stars Summer Bishil (Towelhead), Roger Guenveur Smith (Tales From the Hood, Get On The Bus, & Summer of Sam), Danny Glover (The Color Purple & Lethal Weapon), and Dorian Missick (The Manchurian Candidate & Premium) did great in their diverse roles. I will definitely recommend this film and hope that it can expand to other cities.

Sister 2 Sister Magazine: “Mooz-lum” seeks to break stereotypes


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