Jeantrix Prays For Japan

1 Apr
Nyce and Homm of Jeantrix “Designs For Japan”

On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered from an Earthquake/Tsunami of a 8.9. magnitude. These natural disasters left over 21,000 dead or missing. Due to the high radiation levels, citizens were left devastated with limited resources such as food, water, and electricity. Deric “Nyce” Crawley and Muhammad “Homm” Abdul-Basit are the creative forces behind Jeantrix that was born in 2003 when they only started with a pair of sneakers. I have been following these guys career since the Myspace days when they created garments out of recycle materials. Their looks has been described as “edgy, couture, pop-art, and avant garde”. The B&G Society had a small talk with the fine gentleman of Jeantix, who recently partnered with American Red Cross for the campaign “Designs for Japan” to help the victims of this horrid natural disaster.

B&G Society: First and foremost, tell the readers that should know you, who you guys are and what you are about?’

Jeantrix: We are Jeantrix. A clothing line out of the Philadelphia area. We consider ourselves fashion artists and our clothing can best be described as art!

B&G Society: Some people probably ONLY donated some money to relief funds helping Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims, what prompted you to step outside of the box and create the Design for Japan campaign.

Jeantrix: It started with us doing what we do best (designing) to show that we care about the recent events in Japan. We posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter and a lot of people requested it, so we had to put it for sale on our website ( with proceeds going to the Red Cross’ relief efforts in Japan.

B&G Society: What is the goal for this campaign?

Jeantrix: The goal for the campaign is to spread love to those in need. Nowadays the news is often filled with very negative happenings from around the globe and people often get used to seeing things like that. We want to spread the message that people should never get used to others suffering and we all must do our part to help mankind!

B&G Society:  How will the proceeds to American Red Cross help the victims?

Jeantrix: The money donated to the Red Cross is used in a number of ways. Most importantly it is used to help feed and clothe the homeless victims. Every little bit of money helps people in ways we cant imagine! Just the motion of showing someone you care, can give them enough strength to survive.

Bless these two gentleman who are using their talents to help the Japanese citizens who are in dire need of assistance after the earthquake/tsunami. Also We extend those blessings to celebrity stylist & Jeantrix manager, Felipe G ( for working diligently with his clients to acheive the campaign’s goals.  Jeantrix’s “Designs For Japan” items are available for sale on their website


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