Lift Every Voice: Chris Turner

17 May
Photo Credits: Jesse Boykins III

I love seeing an artist come onto the scene with their own persona, and soul. I can do without someone becoming another Luther, Marvin, and Stevie. One of the things I like about R&B and Soul newcomer,Chris Turner, is that he easily can get in the hearts of music lovers. Through his falsetto and scatting, you can sense that he eats, sleeps, and breathes jazz, hip-hop, funk, and soul. Hailing from Oakland, CA, Turner was a classically trained since childhood. He fine tuned his craft at School of the Arts High School in San Francisco, CA and New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music. This past February, he was selected to perform as an “Artist to Watch” by BET Music Matters and shared his talent on the hit show 106&Park. Turner took the time to answer some questions with The B&G Society to talk about his music training, inspiration, and upcoming album.

B&G: What does soul music means to you?

Turner: What does soul music means to me….I’m not sure “means” is the right word..Soul music is me. lol. I grew up in the church, but I was raise in the clubs, in the jazz lounges, the blues joint of the Bay Area. I dont think I’ve ever sang a note without it being soulful. And I’m classically trained..sung in over 9 different languages. But soul..thats a feeling, something that is instead, from birth. If you are born with soul, your music is genuinely SOUL music.

B&G: What did you learn while being classically trained at the School of the Arts High School (San Francisco, CA) & New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (New York, NY)?

Turner: Well first, I have to say, my parents realized early that I had a gift and they let me explore music as early as 2 years old. By 6 y/o, I was singing in an acclaimed choral childrens group, singing classical music, spirtuals and even some popular music. By the time I began attending the School of the Arts, I was already training at the Young Musicians program with Professor Johari Jabir. I owe a great deal to Mr. Jabir, who I call Uncle J, because he not only trained me vocally (Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, Sprituals, Classical), but taught me the history of Black Music.

B&G: Do you think that being educated in the field of music is essential to the art itself?

Turner: I definitely feel to be an artist, of any fashion, you must know your history. But know, you can educate yourself without studying at a conservatory. But it does help to be in an environment where you are surrounded by other artists.

B&G: Your fellow music colleague (and friend) Jesse Boykins III often talked about reawakening the “Romantic Movement” in his music. As a follower of this, how are you implementing this idea into your songs?

Turner: I wouldn’t say I am a follower of the Romantic Movement, but I am apart of the Romantic Movement. My music is honest, love music.

B&G: Do you feel like R&B is “dead” or just missing the art?

Turner: Well I feel R&B isnt dead, its just categorized differently now. I grew up listening to R&B from artists like Al Green and Tony! Toni! Toné, now today R&B is Trey Songs and Neyo. Its just different, honestly i feel R&B today is really pop and soul music or neo soul is our generations R&B.

B&G: What inspired you for your upcoming Album “LoveChild”?

Turner: My daugther, being broke in New York and Love.

B&G:  Describe the inspiration behind your single “Liquid Love”.

Turner: Honestly the inspiration was sticky and green, and after i indulged in such, I listened to this instrumental and began freestyling the hook in my phone’s voice notes. The horns triggered something in me that gave me this Marvin gaye vibes and I just said fuck it..dont fight it..he’d want you to do I went in.. you cant fight the

B&G: In February, BET Music Matters selected you to perform as an “Artist to Watch” and you recently performed on “106 & Park”? Describe the feeling of performing your art to millions of viewers across the world.

Turner: Music fans expect The Love Child to bring you music that feels good. Soul Music that is honest, romantic, funky and raw. The album is coming soon. 🙂 Follow me on twiiter @LOVEchildCT

Here is the hit single “Liquid Love” by Chris Turner


Fans can follow Chris Turner and stay updated on his latest music and upcoming performances:


Photo Credits for This post: Jesse Boykins III & BET


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