The Man and His Woman

19 May

The Fall 2011 Looks of AmareSinh

You just have to love social media. If it wasn’t for my Tumblr friends posting the photo on the far left, I wouldn’t have received a Twitter response from Asian-American designer, Huy Tran, of AmareSinh, thanking me for tweeting the photo of his work. I checked out his Twitter profile, clicked the link to AmareSinh’s official website, and fell in love with his Ready-To-Wear Women’s collection. The looks were  hip, elegant, and immaculate. Originally from Philadelphia, Tran was educated at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York and worked in the fashion industry before starting his design company in 2009. “Amare” means love in Italian and “Sinh” means birth in Vietnamese. Together this special name commemorates the love, appreciation, and beauty of life. With the help and encouragement of family and friends, AmareSinh was launched in August 2010. Since then,  the collection that have showcased tailored women’s blouses, trousers and dresses, have been featured in Philadephia Fashion Week; Cincinatti Fashion Week; and Shanghai Fashion Week. Furthermore, it has created a buzz amongst other fashion blogs across the internet. Tran has taken the time to chat with B&G Society about overcoming adversity to build his brand and the future of AmareSinh in the fashion world.

 B&G: While you were working in the industry years before, what gave you the courage and motivation to go out and start AmareSinh?
Tran: I was yearning to do something more out of the ordinary that most people wouldn’t do. Almost trying to prove myself that I can do it. At the same time, I didn’t like that mundane life working 9 to how ever late you have to work in the fashion industry. Also, I wanted to take advantage of the many opportunities that were not given to my parents when they were growing up in Vietnam.

B&G:What sacrifice or obstacles (if any) did you face when you started AmareSinh?
Tran: Well, the first thing was moving to another country which I didn’t mind, but it was the language barrier that was a challenge. But for me the biggest obstacle is letting go of your ideas and beliefs and more like reforming them, creating new ways for the better of the business.

B&G: Did you felt threatened by the Great Recession while you was building AmareSinh? If so, how was you able to overcome it and keep the brand going?
Tran: Yes, in some sort of way it was constantly in the back of our minds, therefore we tried our best to cater to it.

B&G: What inspired your Fall/Winter 2011 collection?
Tran: It was about being sexy but not revealing. I was also inspired by bright and bold colors and color blocking them with dark colors which created a strong contrast effect.

 B&G: What inspired your Spring/Summer collection 2011?
Tran: My design process might be a bit different from other designers. Usually it starts out with a concept, mood boards, etc… However, for me it could simply be walking down the street and noticing a detail of a garment, art work or just anything really, and from there I get these ideas in my head. From there I start to build on that idea and begin to create something more elaborate.

B&G: What kind of woman is fit to wear AmareSinh?
Tran: All types of women, but she stands out because she’s determined, confident and strong. She loves fashion and is a hard working girl!

B&G: Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
Tran: By that time I hope we will have been at New York Fashion Week several times and I want to see AmareSinh in stores world-wide!!!

On that note, I think I will see AmareSinh in New York Fashion Week. Hopefully this coming Fall.

Check out AmareSinh’s website

Follow Him on Twitter: AmareSinh


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