I am quiet, sweet, loud, goofy, crazy, talkative, nice, and sexy. Been a geek in school…still one now. I am a Gemini with a wild unique creative ability. You see a party website logo on the bottom of my pictures but I am not party girl nor am I like the other chicks you see on those Hot Mess Blog Sites.

I was always a writer since I was 7 when I realized I had a wild imagination and loved putting it all on paper. I would write stories during class time…just to have something to do and because I had a short attention span (still do…lmao)

I fell in love with fashion at 12 years old when I received my 1st TEEN and Seventeen magazines in the mail. They both helped me through puberty and discovered my sense of fashion. Later on in my teen years, I participated in local fashion shows and even competed in a runway pageant twice where I won First-Runner up (2001 & 2003). Fashion was always in my heart from the Vogues I sporadically collected to the attendance at runway shows in my hometown of Newark, NJ.

I grew up with every type of music genre. My male relatives was apart of the Turntable Movement that was all over the country during the 1980s. My late father, James, was a fan of R&B, Funk, and the Early-Hip Hop. His brother was a devoted Paradise Garage and Club Zanzibar patron where the Garage and Jersey Sound was created. My aunt was fond of musicals that included The West Side Story, Wizard of Oz, and Sweet Charity as well as being a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and Sade. Her son blasted the best Hip hop artists on his record player that included the likes of Slick Rick, Stetsonic, Eric B. and Rakim. My mother and her other sister was more into R&B and Soul. When I attended Newark Arts High School, I was exposed to classical music being that I played the violin. It was a blessing to have all those genres around me because I was able to have a good ear for good music.

I created The Sophisticated Society of Belles and Gents to let the world know that a Brand New Era for Fashion and Entertainment is beginning now in 2010. I want to show my love for fashion, music,art, books, movies, and television shows as well as exposing the people trying to make their mark on the scene. From 2000 to 2009, the history of entertainment and fashion was repeating itself with movie remakes, 80s fashions, and music. Now with a new decade starting, it’s time for some new exciting and fresh faces that will be the wave of the new future.

My postings will show you that I write from the heart. I be damned if I become another “copy and paste” blogger. I am not a fashionista or a fashion expert. Nor I am a “journalist”. This blog was not created to be invited to exclusive events or get into parties for free just so I can post pictures of photo opportunities with famous people. You will see nothing but greatness upon this website. It’s time for a Brand New society. It’s time to present some icons. It’s a Brand New Era.



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