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Celebutantes: Angela and Vanessa Simmons Launches Pastry& Barbie So In Style Collection

20 May

Today in the blog-sphere, no matter how much talk about the world ending tomorrow (suppose to be in about in a hour and a half at the time of this posting), Angela and Vanessa Simmons put joy in everyone hearts when they launch their newest Pastry collection with Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) dolls. The two young ladies held a launch party in L.A. wearing custom design glamorous dresses designed by Chris March of Project Runway Fame. Angela looked like a real-life futuristic Party-time Barbie doll  while big sister Vanessa emulated the more elegant-evening Barbie. According to, the event will be featured on on March’s upcoming BravoTv reality show “Mad Fashion” (no air date set).

I absolutely love the Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) which is the mastermind of Stacey McBride-Irby who introduced this line in 2009. The moment I heard of her through Wendy Williams Tv Show, I immediately brought the dolls for my  niece for Christmas that same year. Irby’s intentions was to bring a line that would serve as a role model to young African-American girls, especially with the big sister/little sister packaging. It broke my heart to see on the internet that this line was “controversial”  when complaints regarding the skin tone and hair texture of the dolls arose amongst the black community. Later, I learned that the world is filled people who will always find something wrong with everything.

Other than that, I think the Pastry and Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) have a wonderful collaboration  due to being positive role models amongst young girls in the community and hope that African-American mothers buy these dolls for their little girls because not only are they beautiful and for playtime…they have a positive role model sitting in their doll house. That is priceless!!!

Credits goes to:

Pastry Sneakers

Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.)


Jukebox: “Run the World (Girls)” Beyoncé

19 May

Beyoncé 's Forthcoming Album "4" is set for release June 28

A Lyric for Mia

17 May

Actress and Plus-Size SuperModel Mia Amber Davis sadly departed from the Fashion World May 11, 2011. I remember seeing her for the first time on the reality show Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and in person at NJ designer Douglas Says fashion show in 2008. I dubbed Mia Amber “The Naomi Campbell of Plus Size Modeling”. She was a force to be reckoned with upon the runway and her photos rock the bells in editorials and advertisement campaigns. Mia Amber was the voice for all plus-size women and encouraged them to be happy with the beauty the creator has given them and hold their confidence to a higher degree.

Our hearts and condolences goes out to the family of Mia Amber Davis.

A Lyric For Mia

The angelic face needs no make-up
The presence of a smile brings warmth
The body fills the room with light
Curves turn heads from left to right
Bringing a shock treatment to the one’s hearts
Fashion opens eyes
Style brings memories
Personality makes no one forget
The concret is the runway
Being stepped upon with a heel of beauty
Scents leaving a trail of trance
Leading the followers into sensuality
Now as it time to go home
We wonder
We will ever get the same presence again
But what we do appreciate…is the one we did have

written by Myssdee



Mia Amber Davis Fan Page

Lift Every Voice: Chris Turner

17 May
Photo Credits: Jesse Boykins III

I love seeing an artist come onto the scene with their own persona, and soul. I can do without someone becoming another Luther, Marvin, and Stevie. One of the things I like about R&B and Soul newcomer,Chris Turner, is that he easily can get in the hearts of music lovers. Through his falsetto and scatting, you can sense that he eats, sleeps, and breathes jazz, hip-hop, funk, and soul. Hailing from Oakland, CA, Turner was a classically trained since childhood. He fine tuned his craft at School of the Arts High School in San Francisco, CA and New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music. This past February, he was selected to perform as an “Artist to Watch” by BET Music Matters and shared his talent on the hit show 106&Park. Turner took the time to answer some questions with The B&G Society to talk about his music training, inspiration, and upcoming album. Continue reading

Jukebox: “Judas” by Lady Gaga

15 May

Celebutante: Dawn Richard of Dirty Money for Connect Magazine

12 May

Photographer:  Marcus Duval

Styled by Olori Swank


Connect Magazine

Lift Every Voice: Jesse Boykins III

3 May

Jesse Boykins III has something what other “musicians” don’t have…passion and intelligence. It’s more than just having love of music that keeps him going.  While you have your occasional songwriters, Boykins gives you a journey into sound with lyrics by creating a visual of your second life. His talent was influenced by the likes of soul musicians Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Donny Hathaway; enigmatic artists such as Bjork, Sade, and Pink Floyd; and the writings of Shakesphere and Langston Hughes. Boykins fine-tuned his musical craft while studying at The New School University for Jazz and Contemporary. Through it all, he learned from the best; classical music trainer Kenneth Kamal Scott and soul artist Bilal. I first learned of Boykins through my favorite blog “Street Etiquette” and I fell in love immediately with his voice when I got to learn more of him.

Continue reading