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Lens Talent: The Innovator

18 May

The innovating and captivating Tasha Bleu

Experienced models turned fashion photographers often know what they are doing when they are capturing great shots. They have a unique idea of how beauty and fashion is to be portrayed. Rhode Island Tasha Bleu is a model turned self-taught fashion photographer who knows how to work the lens on her camera. She focuses on contemporary street wear culture, high fashion editorials, and industry events. Her concepts are edgy and futuristic. The styling, specifically with avant-garde, is very chic and innovative. Bleu founded her own photography company, Treu Bleu Imagery in January 2010 and has already landed work on BET’s Rip the Runway, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Africa Week. In addition, she worked with brands around the world that includes Kayobi Clothing UK, MYOB Japan, Stevie Boi Eyewear, David David, Boy Meets Girl USA, and more. Her work has appeared in fashion on/offline magazines that includes Elle, Bleu, Hypebeast and Convention. Bleu’s photos take you into another century. You are deeply in a trance by the photo concepts that will leave you wanting an encore. As her motto goes, “to thine own self be treu”.

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A Lyric for Mia

17 May

Actress and Plus-Size SuperModel Mia Amber Davis sadly departed from the Fashion World May 11, 2011. I remember seeing her for the first time on the reality show Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and in person at NJ designer Douglas Says fashion show in 2008. I dubbed Mia Amber “The Naomi Campbell of Plus Size Modeling”. She was a force to be reckoned with upon the runway and her photos rock the bells in editorials and advertisement campaigns. Mia Amber was the voice for all plus-size women and encouraged them to be happy with the beauty the creator has given them and hold their confidence to a higher degree.

Our hearts and condolences goes out to the family of Mia Amber Davis.

A Lyric For Mia

The angelic face needs no make-up
The presence of a smile brings warmth
The body fills the room with light
Curves turn heads from left to right
Bringing a shock treatment to the one’s hearts
Fashion opens eyes
Style brings memories
Personality makes no one forget
The concret is the runway
Being stepped upon with a heel of beauty
Scents leaving a trail of trance
Leading the followers into sensuality
Now as it time to go home
We wonder
We will ever get the same presence again
But what we do appreciate…is the one we did have

written by Myssdee



Mia Amber Davis Fan Page

The Society Pages: The Bold, The Black and The Beautiful

19 Apr

Man of the hour. Mike Mogul, with his art

On April 13, 2011, I attended the 2nd annual photo exhibit of Mike Mogul at Covet Lounge in New York City. For those who don’t know the Mogul, he is the owner of the hottest nightlife photography website and does photography as his hobby. Mike mostly deals with beauty and nudes that are artistic and tasteful as evident by his Modelmayhem Profile.  I have been a fan of his photography since meeting him on Myspace (lol) 2007. The event was also the grand opening of his weekly Afterwork party that is going to be held every Wednesday.  (Covet Lounge is no longer open for business. Afterwork party has been relocated to Chelsea Manor)

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Dawn of the Dead

4 Mar
Photo Credit: Voxefx Photography

I caught sight of Día de los Muertos (translation: Day of the Dead) when blogger Jasmine Rodriguez (  wore it as her 2009 Halloween costume and often follows the culture on her website. Lately, I am starting to seen an increasing trend in talented photographer portfolios and music videos of Lady Gaga (Born This Way) and Lil Wayne (newly released 6 ft 7 featuring Cory Gunz). Many people have often referred the tattoos of Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy to the culture of Dia de los Muertos. Is this becoming an increasing trend of 2011???


In her recently released video “Born This Way, Lady Gaga is shown mirroring Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy, whose make-up is often compared to Dia de los Muertos.

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In-Sight: For The Love of Color

15 Feb

Macy’s Herald Square in New York is famously known for its beautiful window displays. For the first time, I was impressed when they paid homage to the late great Eunice Johnson, Founder and Director of Ebony Fashion Fair, the World’s largest traveling fashion show, to celebrate Black History Month. I first saw the displays while I was on my way to a job interview. I did not have time to take a good look at the beautiful designer vintage gowns (often used in the shows) on the mannequins nor had my camera. This past Friday, after coming from watching Mooz-lum in Times Square, I had my camera in tow and was able to take pictures. Macy’s did a beautiful job praising Eunice Johnson for all her achievements within the fashion industry. Check out the pictures!

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Lens Talent: Skin Deep

10 Aug

NYC  Photographer Al Rodriguez Gives Life

The Distingushed Gentleman, Photographer Al Rodriguez,

 Images taken by beauty and fashion photographers have to tell a story. It goes beyond the “pretty model”, “pretty clothes”, and “pretty background”. Photographers of this sort have to treat their viewers like they are stupid and give them some sort of wonder. You can’t be in this field and think that because a model is “exotic looking”, you created a great fashion concept. You must take your viewers beyond the lens. I was admired by NYC fashion photographer Al Rodriguez and his portfolio because all of his concepts were exceptional. He captured the models in good looks from head to toe without them overexaggerating their poses. The backgrounds were simple but enough to provide energy for their viewer. Mr. Rodriguez is a freelance photographer and has an impressive resume. He has photographed the Spring collection of designers The Fabric Twinz (1.9.2010). Hip hop artist Fabulous, former 3LW and Cheetah Girl’s vocalist Adrienne Bailon, and VJ/Actress, Julissa B, have all been captured beautifully through Mr. Rodriguez camera. His work has made the covers and editorial spreads for magazines Signature Hits ( and Mob Candy (



Killer concept photographed by Al Rodriguez...Models in Recycle Material

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Lens Talent: Jumpin, Jammin, Fresh

17 Jul

Neef Fresh shows the art of making beauty and fashion images POP out

The So-Fresh Photographer Neef Fresh

When I took a look at the images in Neef Fresh’s profile, a children’s pop-out book came to mind. All the images whether they were in color or black-n-white jumped out of my computer screen. I loved the way the lighting and colors were used in the photos. The concepts were very electic. Neef Fresh is a freelance photographer from Brooklyn, NY and what amazes me about her is that she is a self-taught photographer. Its always the self-taught artists who are on top of their A-game beauty and fashion industry. As she says in her short bio on ModelMayhem, she strives to make beautiful art with her photograpy by carefully choosing a concept and connect it with a sense of style. As I said before in my earlier blog post, being creative and boring DO NOT MIX. As you view each image photographed from the lens of Neef Fresh, you will understand that BORING is not a part of her vocabulary.

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