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Celebutantes: Angela and Vanessa Simmons Launches Pastry& Barbie So In Style Collection

20 May

Today in the blog-sphere, no matter how much talk about the world ending tomorrow (suppose to be in about in a hour and a half at the time of this posting), Angela and Vanessa Simmons put joy in everyone hearts when they launch their newest Pastry collection with Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) dolls. The two young ladies held a launch party in L.A. wearing custom design glamorous dresses designed by Chris March of Project Runway Fame. Angela looked like a real-life futuristic Party-time Barbie doll  while big sister Vanessa emulated the more elegant-evening Barbie. According to, the event will be featured on on March’s upcoming BravoTv reality show “Mad Fashion” (no air date set).

I absolutely love the Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) which is the mastermind of Stacey McBride-Irby who introduced this line in 2009. The moment I heard of her through Wendy Williams Tv Show, I immediately brought the dolls for my  niece for Christmas that same year. Irby’s intentions was to bring a line that would serve as a role model to young African-American girls, especially with the big sister/little sister packaging. It broke my heart to see on the internet that this line was “controversial”  when complaints regarding the skin tone and hair texture of the dolls arose amongst the black community. Later, I learned that the world is filled people who will always find something wrong with everything.

Other than that, I think the Pastry and Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.) have a wonderful collaboration  due to being positive role models amongst young girls in the community and hope that African-American mothers buy these dolls for their little girls because not only are they beautiful and for playtime…they have a positive role model sitting in their doll house. That is priceless!!!

Credits goes to:

Pastry Sneakers

Barbie So In Style (S.I.S.)


Power House: Adora’s Magic

18 May

For the first time, The B&G Society has decided to implement the “Power House” ,documenting owners of successful small business ventures. For this first installment, I am profiling my own business, Adora’s Magic, that was started in February 2008. The idea of diaper cakes first came to mind when I attended a friend’s baby shower and she received it as a gift. It garnered the most attention out of all the presents. Being the creative person, I did my research on how to make them and been perfecting my craft ever since eventually graduating to making diaper wreaths and washcloth lollipop favors. Individuals who have purchased these beautiful cakes and wreaths told me that their gifts was the best ones at the baby shower. Furthermore, the receivers refused to take them apart!

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